Here at F&F, we’re capable of performing full service renovations for any room of your home, but we are complete experts at kitchen remodeling and bathroom design on Long Island.

We can create a full kitchen or bath layout completely to your specifications that you’re sure to love. Your kitchen and bathroom are indisputably the most important rooms in your home, so let F&F of Long Island take over remodeling, renovations, and design with our high quality labor and materials. We’ll analyze the existing layout you have and work from there to completely transform your room. Then, when we work on constructing your design, we only use the finest materials to guarantee that your Long Island home remodel or renovation lasts for countless years to come.

F&F is the only company you’ll have to call on Long Island for home remodeling and renovation because we’ll cover everything you need.


We can have everything in our Long Island home renovations specified to your lifestyle, right down to the materials that fit in with your maintenance schedule. Our goal is to not only have your bathroom looking the best it ever has, but to create one that suits you and your family perfectly. This includes even small design details such as locations of shower grips and towel hangers, which should all be heavily considered, especially if you have children.

You can trust F&F to make your Long Island bathroom design not only beautiful, but also accessible.


Turn your kitchen into a relaxing communal area for you and your family on Long Island by remodeling it. Or, if you’re only looking to have a small renovation in Long Island done, just changing the countertop can give your room a completely new, unique look. A Long Island kitchen remodeling service is also a great idea if you’re planning on upgrading to energy efficient appliances.


Tiles are beautiful for both your flooring and walls. New trends in tiling are constantly emerging on Long Island, but you can always opt for a more classic look for your bathroom or kitchen’s remodeled design. Decorative tiles can either be used throughout the room or simply as an accent that is meant to stand out. We’ll help you decide what interior design will work best for your room and the overall feel of your home.


Because everything is handled by our company on Long Island, you’ll never have to wait for us to order a part from a manufacturer or other store. With an attractively designed faucet, you’ll have just the pop that the design for your remodeled Long Island bathroom or kitchen needs, or perhaps something that beautifully complements it. The possibilities are endless when styles vary from modern, traditional, and everything in-between.


We can create and install custom cabinets for you in both your kitchen and bath. We understand how important it is to have plenty of cabinet space for you to store everything you need. This is especially significant when remodeling your Long Island kitchen, so you can quickly and efficiently access food and equipment while cooking.